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Mailbag question: Defense stat and the top 5 teams

Posted at 12:00pm -- 12/7/2009

Mailbag question: Defense stat and the top 5 teams

They showed a stat before Saturday’s Alabama vs. Florida game that four out of the top five teams in the country were all in the top 5 on defense. Then people wonder why Michigan struggles so much.



Thanks for the question.

We have been clear concerning how we feel about the inattention paid to defense and it has not been the most popular topic around Michigan message boards the last two years. All four of us firmly believe the best way to build a championship program starts with great defense and great special teams.

We are not saying you do not need to have a solid offense. Just that if you build around a great defense a team is more consistent and almost always has a chance to win.

Teams cannot always count on the offense to score a lot of points in every game. Texas is a great example of this football 101 theme because they were averaging in the high thirties and scored thirteen points to win the game with one second to go against Nebraska, a very solid defensive team with little offense.

A great defense usually means a team’s special teams will be better as well because most of your players on special teams are defensive minded, such as kick off coverage and punting.

As they say, "defense wins championships" and this year both Texas and Alabama have great defense's, with Texas being third in the nation in total defense and Alabama being second.

Not every team plays in the Big East where no one cares if the score is 50-45.

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