Thursday, February 11, 2010

Drew DiLeo: 2010 Michigan Wolverine -- Slot Receiver -- Signing Day Recap

Posted at 4:00pm -- 2/11/2010

Drew DiLeo: 2010 Michigan Wolverine

Height: 5'10
Weight: 175
Position: Slot Receiver / Returns
High School: Parkview Baptist Eagles (Louisiana)
Head Coach: Kenny Guillot
Recruiter: Coach Fred Jackson
Class: 2010 Michigan Wolverine Recruiting Class (Signed)

Drew is a very good overall athlete with excellent quickness. He is also a very good return man on special teams. Drew plays with intensity and has an edge to his game.

Drew catches everything and shows the needed concentration to catch a ball in a crowd. Despite his size, Drew can take a hit and fights for extra yardage. As a runner Drew sets up his blocks and is a very dangerous ball carrier.

Needs work:
Drew needs to add some weight and gain strength. His top end speed is good, but an extra step would be a big addition.

Drew is #3

Drew reminds GBMW of this former Michigan Wolverine:
John Kolesar

Red-shirt or play his freshman year:

Where do they rank him:
ESPN: 3-Star .. #136 at position.
Rivals: 3-Star .. #73 at position.
Scout: 3-Star .. #100 at position.

Final Thoughts:
Drew will be used as a slot receiver and returner on special teams. He has explosive moves and seems to really fight for those extra yards with his desire. Drew can create in open space and that is why we think he will be a good returner. Drew seems to run good routes and gets open, even though teams key on him in the passing game.

Written by GBMW Staff

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