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Mailbag question: Night of Champions

Posted at 8:00am -- 2/28/2010

Mailbag question: Night of Champions

Hi guys,

Thanks for the great site and for the opportunity for us mere mortals to be able to discuss Michigan football with some knowledgeable people. I'm hunting for some info on a team morale-boosting event that I think might be called Night of Champions or something like that. I could be way off on that name but it's where the team competes against each other in a variety of strength and agility events. Am I close? Anyway, if you know what I'm talking about would you be able to tell us about it. Has it happened yet and if so who won what??


Tom T.


Thanks for the question.

No, you are not crazy, The Night Of Champions is a great tradition usually held in conjunction with Junior day. It is a team-building event that goes throughout winter conditioning that includes academics, community service, and conditioning.

It culminates with a ten-event Olympic style competition between ten teams of ten.

We do not have a firm date for this year’s Night of Champions, but we are ASSuming it will be the weekend before the first spring practice. So we would think it might be Saturday March 13th.

Usually it is on a Saturday night and then the staff has the junior day, or academic day, for high school kids on Sunday.

Why we say these dates is because of Michigan Pro Day will be Friday March 12.

Last year they had all three event on the same weekend.

Here are the particulars about the Night Of Champions. This was an article from last year about this event.

Night of Champions

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