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Jibreel Black: 2010 Michigan Wolverine -- Defensive End -- Signing Day Recap

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Jibreel Black: 2010 Michigan Wolverine

Height: 6'2
Weight: 253 lbs.
Position: Defensive End
High School: Cincinnati Wyoming (Ohio)
Head Coach: Bernie Barre
Recruiter: Coach Bruce Tall
Class: 2010 Michigan Wolverine Recruiting Class (Signed)

Jibreel makes up for his lack of ideal size with effort and intensity. He has look of a defensive tackle, but possesses enough athletic skill to play defensive end. GBMW would not be surprised to see him play defensive end on early downs and defensive tackle on passing downs.

Jibreel has an excellent first step and get off. He really moves his feet and demonstrates decent, solid pad level. Jibreel has a nice burst and closing speed, both in pursuit and pass rush. He has good lateral movement and does a good job maintaining outside leverage.

Needs work:
Jibreel does not use his hands very often and he also needs to work on his press-out. Also, Jibreel has a tendency of getting too deep and over running plays.

Jibreel reminds us of former Michigan Wolverine:
Chris Hutchinson

Red-shirt or play his freshman year:
Red-shirt would be a big help, but because of depth issues Black maybe forced to play.

Where do they rank him:
ESPN: 3-Star .. #45 at position.
Rivals: 3-Star .. #25 at position.
Scout: 4-Star .. #15 at position.

Final Thoughts:
Very good player that Coach Rod was able to get at the end especially at a position of need in our opinion. He could be that pass rusher that we have needed for the last couple of years in recruiting. Has a excellent get off the ball and also burst that helps him get past the linemen. Just needs to work on technique and will be a solid player at Michigan.

Written by GBMW Staff

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