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Mailbag question: The Young Quarterbacks

Posted at 8:00am -- 2/9/2010

Mailbag question: The Young Quarterbacks

First of all I want to let the whole staff know that this is the best site I have stumbled upon regarding Michigan athletics. I love the fact that although you are fans your honest above all else.

I would like to get your opinion on Tate and Devin. I would love to see Devin red-shirt this year and play in 2011. The problem is I think fans will look at this kid (Devin) like Florida looked at Tebow. I'm not saying this kid is going to be like Tebow, but people are going to say that since we have him, play him. The offense will open up so much having this kid and Tate play together it's almost crazy not to try it. Do you guys think that playing Devin next year will be a problem in the future or do you think that it's worth a shot?

Go Blue!!!!!

Glenn G.


Thanks for the question and the very nice comments.

In a perfect world all freshmen would red-shirt, not only to get more time to develop, but also so that the players could get acclimated to the college life of being on their own, along with getting a true grasp on what it takes regarding being a student-athlete. The academic work and the pressure from fan expectations can be grueling. Football is a true team game and one player should not be expected to be the savior of a football program.

Red-shirts would also get a full year to grow and mature physically and mentally on the football field and beyond. There is much learning that takes place to be a successful college football player. In addition, typically young college players must take part in and become adept at watching game film and being successful in workout programs.

The biggest program key related to this year for the roster quarterbacks after the spring practices will be to firmly determine who are the top two on the depth chart.

If Denard Robinson and Tate Focier win the battle and end up one and two on the depth chart, then Devin Gardner will be able to red-shirt if Michigan (and Devon) wants.

Another factor will be to eventually determine if the staff names Devin Gardner as the starter next (2011) season. If so, getting Devin Gardner reps this year is very important, no matter how much he can get into the game.

Injuries can also play into this situation and if Devin Gardner and Denard Robinson are close (tied) for the back-up position, the staff likely attempts to get Denard Robinson on the field, since he is one of the best athletes on the team, instead of holding a clipboard on the sidelines.

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