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Coach's Corner: Scouting the top 25 in Ohio (a quick summary)

Posted at 4:00pm -- 3/4/2010

Coach's Corner: Scouting the top 25 in Ohio (a quick summary)

These are the best I have seen or coached against. I have not seen all players listed below personally in game action so take that into consideration.

1) Ken Hayes:

Super athlete, he has a chance to be special.

2) Doran Grant:

Hits like he is 200 lbs, extremely explosive.

3) Braxton Miller:

Great athlete, he could play quarterback, split end, or safety.

4) Trey DePriest:

Trey has defensive back speed with athletic ability in a linebacker’s body, elite skills.

5) Aundrey Walker:

Big body and he moves unbelievably well for his size.

6) Steve Miller:

Another great athlete, moves real well for size, kid can hit.

7) Ray Hamilton:

Great athlete and player, could play tight end or defensive end.

8) A.J. Jordan:

Runs like 180 lbs. at 200 lbs. Raw, but has elite skills.

9) Ronald Tanner:

Has size and speed, he could play safety or grow into an outside linebacker.

10) DerJuan "PeeWee" Gambrell:

Flat out can run, covers a lot of ground in a hurry, good size.

11) Michael Bennett:

Very good two-way linemen.

12) Cardale Jones:

Dual threat quarterback who could also play split end.

13) Eilar Hardy:

Super, quick hitter.

14) Brad Carrico:

Big body and he moves very well.

15) Chris Rock:

Had a difficult junior year, looked great in state semis as junior.

16) Kevin Williams:

Kevin has great movement for his size.

17) Jarrett Grace:

Is an outside linebacker who could grow into a defensive end.

18) Chris Boles

Large body that is nearly impossible to move.

19) Shaquille Washington:

Possesses unbelievable quickness and athletic ability.

20) Shane Wynn:

Very good athlete and he possesses toughness.

21) Brian Mihalik:

Very good athlete, but he needs to get bigger and stronger, moves well.

22) Shane Sturdivant:

Stud linebacker/hits like a truck.

23) Devin Smith:

Quick and shifty.

24) Greg Brown:

Good athlete, and hearing he has a bit of an attitude problem.

25) Antonio Poole:

A tough and athletic linebacker.

Ohio is very deep and talented this year.

Written by GBMW Staff

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