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Mailbag question: Couple of questions

Posted at 4:00pm -- 3/3/2010

Mailbag question: Couple of questions

Hey great site, I check it several times daily.

Question 1:

Demar Dorsey, I know he has to get used to playing D on the college level first, but do you ever see him going both ways like a Woodson down the road, depending on his development and how quickly he adapts? I think he has a chance to be a real good db at UM and in the nation regardless.

Question 2:

Michigan’s new field turf this year is it going to be like the exact field markings as the last five years? I think it would be sweet if they had blue end zones with yellow Michigan on top and the block M with the Michigan through it at the 50. If they keep the markings the same that's fine to I was just wondering. Thanks for your time.


David L.


Thanks for the question.

Dorsey has the skills to help on either side of the ball. We are of the mindset that if a player has the ability to be an elite level defender that is where you start them.

GBMW has been very consistent in stating that we believe in building around a great defense, to the point that many people have labeled us as "haters" or something else because we differ regarding what seems to be happening the past couple of years at Michigan.

If after a couple of years Dorsey shows the capacity to be a spot player on offense, along with starting on defense, this makes a lot of sense to us. That is how Michigan did it with Woodson and we think that model is perfect.

Woodson did not play a lot of offense, but got enough touches and got people talking about him on the offensive side of the ball.

Woodson was a great contributor on special teams, where he helped be a game changer, just like former Heisman winner at Michigan Desmond Howard. Both showed how great they were as an all around player by being special on special teams.

The thing is in both cases (Howard and Woodson) the Ohio State games probably were the games that helped them clinch the award. Both had great punt returns for a touchdown and when you put the videos side-by-side they look very similar.

As far as the fieldturf goes, we were informed a long time ago that the brand fieldturf wanted to put in new turf for the 2010 season. That does not mean it will happen, but we have heard they are looking at putting new turf in for the new season after the spring game. We really do not have any more information other than that. As far as the end zones go it would "SHOCK US" to see anything different than what you see now.

Would it look "cool" with the end zones blue and Michigan in maize? Perhaps, but I would not bet on it. Also we do not see anything different at midfield, besides the famous "M.” Michigan does not even put a Big Ten logo on the field, or on the basketball court, so it almost seems like they are ashamed or possessing a better than the rest attitude.

Written by GBMW Staff

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