Monday, March 01, 2010

Coach's Corner: Shawn Conway

Posted at 8:00am -- 3/1/2010

Coach's Corner: Shawn Conway

GBMW has previously posted what Coach Dews stated concerning what the Michigan staff looks for in split end recruits. Let us review the list of Coach Dew’s criteria and relate these to Shawn Conway.

Coach Dews wants recruits that:

1) Want to graduate -- Shawn has 3.0 GPA;

2) Catch the ball -- enough said;

3) Love to play football -- sure looks like he is having fun;

4) Want to compete – he committed to Michigan after the Wolverines signed four split ends last recruiting season. This certainly indicates a willingness to compete;

5) Are complete football players, think Hines Ward -- Shawn caught short and deep passes, played special teams, and defense. The only thing film did not show was hitting ability, no tackles or blocks;

6) Are mentally and physically tough – Shawn goes over the middle willingly, takes shots and secures the ball, and plays on special teams;

7) Are athletic guys (basketball players) – Shawn plays basketball and his athletic ability is his greatest strength in my opinion;

8) Have natural ball skills/body control -- watch Conway adjust to the ball in the air, watch him catch the ball at its highest point, impressive;

9) Have good height and weight but this factor does not matter, but any coach likes 6'2 200 lbs and an aggressive split end;

10) Are good at the top of a route -- one of the strengths of his game, in my opinion, is that Shawn comes out of breaks well and adjusts to the ball in air, etc...

Final Analysis:

Irish German logic time again, but by matching Shawn’s game and Coach Dew’s criteria, it appears as if this kid was designed to play split end for Coach Dews!

Written by GBMW Staff

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Anonymous said...

Big play speed? Quickness? Open field running skills?

coachbt said...

Big Play Speed, No

Quickness- Yes

Open Field Skills- Yes, he returns punts and KOs

Anonymous said...

Thanks coachbt. But doesn't Coach Dews care about these things? GBMW often says we need someone to stretch the field, but the job description could almost be a Tight End.

coachbt said...

Coach Dews told us at clinic in SEshis theory is bigger more aggrsive, smaller more dynamic. Conway fills the big SE need, he wouldexpect UM to look for another SE/slot to fill the dynamic role.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, as always.

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