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Mailbag question: Coach Barwis and the off-season

Posted at 4:00pm -- 3/7/2010

Mailbag question: Coach Barwis and the off-season

I vaguely remember reading in 2007 that the WVU football team had 45 players that could clean and press 300lbs with 10-12 that could do 400lbs. I do not know what the exact name of the lift is but its not bench pressing.

I heard the UM team in 2009 had 30 members that could do the same lift at 300lbs.

I'm curious if you know of any specific strength numbers of the team in winter 2010 compared to winter 2009.

Based on winter conditioning, if you had to make a prediction, what position group shows the most improvement during spring practice and why?

I just have to think the returning players, going through a third year with Coach Barwis, are going to pay good dividends. I know our defense has no depth and our secondary could very well start three freshman.

I'm thinking UM could have the 3rd best offense in the conference...behind Wiscy and OSU...what do you think?

Kevin M.


Thank for the question.

We have heard the very same thing about past West Virginia football teams. Coach Barwis informed us that he had players breaking personal records in clean and jerk during the season. He told the clinic he is firm believer in getting stronger as a season progresses.

No exact numbers have leaked our way yet, we hope to get some specifics in the next few weeks. What we are hearing is the team is working extremely hard, is developing a chip on shoulder attitude, and showing improvement in every phase of S&C.

We 100% agree that in the third off-season the S&C should start to show big dividends. With Michigan's depth problems being in top shape is a must.

We see three offenses as better than Michigan going into 2010 season, the two teams you listed and Iowa.

WE have Michigan in the second tier with Michigan State, Penn State, and Purdue.

If Michigan is going to push to top of second tier a running back needs to step forward and be the man and a split end needs to provide a vertical threat.

Our personal biggest questions are with the offensive line. Who replaces the two starting linemen who graduated, and does Michigan go with the veterans or the more athlete young guns that have a higher upside in the long run!

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