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Michigan Football Tidbits: Going into Spring Football -- Cornerbacks

Posted at 8:00am -- 3/8/2010

Michigan Football Tidbits: Going into Spring Football -- Cornerbacks

It is the beginning of March and the football team will soon be into spring ball. Below is what we think of a few key players:

Of course, the GBMW staff will have a better, more complete idea in a couple of weeks, but this is where the opinion is riding heading into spring football, now less than two weeks away.

Justin Turner:

Talk about putting a lot of pressure on a young player, one who has not even seen one snap in game action in a winged helmet yet. But coaches (and the fan base) are counting on him to step up this year.

We believe Justin should be able to come in and win a starting position. Further, we believe he is an outstanding athlete, and has the perfect size for a cover 2 or press corner. Finally, we believe Justin will be a starter somewhere as long as injuries or something else doesn't get in his way.

Getting in late last year was detrimental, not only to Justin but also the team. Assimilating all the associated factors, the coaches likely wanted to make sure Justin settled in with school, got off to a good start with his academics and everything else associated with the extra pressure of being a freshman. Justin probably could have contributed some the last part of the season, but the effort may have wasted a year of football eligibility. In our opinion Justin must step up and contribute in a big way, or chalk up a big loss for this year’s defense. We (and everyone else) are counting on Justin being one of those guys that can help this defensive backfield become more athletic and talented.

If Turner can handle cornerback (which we believe he will start out at), then we believe Turner at corner and Woolfolk is the best course for the defense. Such a partial line-up in the secondary allows for more overall speed and athletic talent.

J.T. Turner better be good or this defense could be in trouble, not only the fans but also the coaches are expecting big things out of him.

Demar Dorsey:

The GBMW staff has been getting multiple e-mail asking which freshman we believe will see the most playing time, or even start this year. We believe Demar Dorsey could be that player, since he is coming in at a position that needed upgrading regarding speed and talent level. Will he start? This might depend (likely will depend) on where the coaches play others, especially the more experienced players ahead of him.

Dorsey provides Michigan with a good option by being versatile. He has the size, to play cover 2 or jam, along with the speed. Note however that Demar played mostly safety in high school, which could slow his development.

Written by GBMW Staff

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