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Mailbag question: Michigan Basketball

Posted at 4:00pm -- 3/2/2010

Mailbag question: Michigan Basketball

Do you know what "ticks" me off probably more than the football problems is the d*mn basketball team? They are an embarrassment. There is no reason that Michigan should have a crappy basketball team.

Paul M.


Thanks for the question.

Well the football team should not be crappy either or the hockey program.

As for the basketball team.

It is a strange mix this team, no point guard, only one guy on the floor that can play with his back to the basket, an offense that sets screens to take long three's, etc. Morris will be a good player, but he is not Kalin Lucas on the break. I think Beilein will be glad to start from scratch. They will really miss Sims.

Martin really gave Beilein a big Christmas gift signing him to 2016, holy cow. He is though far more intellectual than RR, but like RR, Beilein thinks he can win with any talent just by putting them into his system.

Basketball can turn around with 1 or 2 players, but OSU is getting top 15 players in the nation, not top 25 at a position. The three inside guys not playing killed any hope this team had.

I had them pegged for 16-18 wins, and the boys over there thought I was crazy.

I had them pegged for 9th in the league, just about right on. Beileins three biggest faulty assumptions, rebounding is not that important, you do not need a point guard, and my brain can beat your talent.

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Jeremy said...

LOL at "faulty assumptions". This must explain why JB has won over 500 college basketball games and you're writing for a blog.

Jeremy said...

Also. Shame on Paul for calling a group of young men who obviously work their collective tails off, represent the ideals of the university well, and play some good but not great basketball, an embarrassment.

No Paul, my friend: you are the embarrassment. Please find another school to support.

ErocWolverine said...

Jeremy ... maybe you need some de-caf?

I guess your happy with the basketball team this year and their record?

They were pre-season ranked in the top 20 in most publications.

I am sure if you ask Coach Beilein and he has even said it in interviews lately that he is disappointed in the teams record and their performances.

Have to remember this team went to the tourney last year and won a game there so expectatons will rise ESPECIALLY WHEN YOUR MAIN PLAYERS ARE ALL BACK.

They lost two walk-ons and a player that did not play much so yea in most people they would expect a littlet better results this year.

What does a coaches career record have to do with this year? If he only had 100 wins would it make it better or worse?

Also as for writing for a blog -- that is our option, our opinion and our hobby so I do not know why that is a slam or why your trying to make it a slam -- just as your reading this so what does that say about you?

Jeremy said...

Don't you think if he had these faulty assumptions that they'd be exposed at the different levels where he's coached before? Keep in mind that he coached in deeper and more talented conference, the Big East.

Isn't it more likely that the team simply has some consistency issues because of their youth and lack of leadership? Isn't it more likely that these players weren't quite top 20 material this year? And that JB's system was partially/mostly responsible for the success last year?

David said...

Jeremy - Many of us read this blog because of the intelligent and respectful exchange of information and opinions, and the freedom from silly personal attacks. Please, leave the online equivalent of road rage on other sites.

David VanLuven, Delmar, NY

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