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Michigan Football Tidbits: Offensive Depth Chart

Posted at 10:00am -- 4/9/2010

Michigan Football Tidbits: Offensive Depth Chart --

Remember several players are being held out or just coming back from injury when looking at this depth chart.

SE: Roy Roundtree

SL: Martavious Odoms 70% ... Kelvin Grady 30%

LT: Taylor Lewan 70% ... Mark Huyge 20% ... Ricky Barnum 10%
LG: Steve Schilling
OC: Rocko Khoury
RG: Patrick Omameh
RT: Perry Dorrestein 80% ... Michael Schofield 20%

SL: Terrence Robinson 55% ... Jeremy Gallon 45%

SE: Darryl Stonum

QB: Denard Robinson 65% ... Tate Forcier 35%

RB: Michael Shaw 75% ... Fitzgerald Touissaint 25%

*** When TE is used Kevin Koger 50% ... Martell Webb 50%

Quick Offensive Tidbits:

If one had to rank the quarterbacks right now, it would go as follows: Denard, Devin, and then Tate. Actually in practice on Thursday, Devin got more reps than the other two because he took all the third group snaps and shared snaps with Tate on the second group.

Tate Forcier seems to be throwing the ball a lot better this week so we believe he just had the "tired arm" last week, which happens in the spring.

Mike Cox must have had "fumble-itis” on Tuesday, since he went from the first string taking most of the reps to the third running back and was mostly with the second group. He still looked good on Thursday and we believe he needs to be getting plenty of carries for this offense to be able to run the ball, Shaw as well. Shaw’s biggest problem seems to be staying healthy and let us hope he will be healthy throughout the season this year.

Offensive line: the coaches moved several players in with the first group and at this time it is still too premature to label this group as the best on the squad because they did not really create a lot of running lanes for the backs. In most cases, the only time the backs had big gains in the running game is when the quarterbacks took off after attempting to throw the ball. In practice, it is difficult to determine how big of a gain actually would occur in a real game.

Slot receivers: are playing well, but they continue to drop several balls. The wide receivers are improving, but again they are not being used that much in the scrimmage sessions.

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Anonymous said...

The offensive line not being able to open running lanes for the backs, is this because of the defense or is the offensive group not performing?

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