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GBMW: Coach's Corner -- CoachBt thoughts

GBMW: Coach's Corner -- CoachBt thoughts
Here are some thought from our beloved Coach Bt

The second half of Saturday was a complete embarrassment. There is no excuse for the effort or lack of fight. Illinois was a team looking for a reason to quit early on and Michigan completely let the Illini off the hook. But this post is about the future, none of us can do anything about the past, it is done and the opportunity is gone.

Here are twelve things I want to see from Michigan this Saturday against Purdue!

1) Michigan needs to play an entire/complete game. Michigan has not played a complete four quarters since very early in the season. Michigan has had key let downs that have allowed teams to stay in games and win.

2) Secure the d*MN ball please, quit putting it on the ground. The turnovers that are really P*ssing me off are the ones where UM simply drops the thing (the ball that is). Nobody is even hitting whoever is in possession of the rock.

3) Attack the middle of field multiple times, especially deep. Can some one explain to me why Michigan did not go back deep between the hashes? This make teams back those d*MN safeties up. Sorry, this is football 101 and not brain science.

4) Please play a physical, nasty football game. Michigan started the year playing with a giant chip on the shoulder. They were flying around on defense smacking people, and the offense was even making defensive backs play with a head on a swivel.

I am not sure why this has stopped, but it has. Teams are attacking Michigan between the hashes in both the passing and running games. Please somebody other than B. Graham step up and tear some ones d*MN head off!

5) UM needs solid sound offensive line play, especially in pass protection. Michigan has done an okay job of blocking the inside zone play, but not so well on the stretch play, and is becoming horrible at times in protecting T. Forcier. He is being forced to pull the ball back way too early.

Expecting a true freshmen to win games is asking a lot, asking him to do so with passes dropped and with defensive linemen hanging from his neck is a recipe for disaster. It is not asking too much to ask him to take care of the F*ck*ng ball though. Please, put the thing away. Again that is football 101.

6) If Michigan is getting their *sses kicked on the line inside the five, please run the naked boot with T. Forcier and drag the tight end Koger across the formation. It is fairly obvious Michigan is running to the tight end side in a goal line situation.

Doing something away from the defensive angle and strength will, if nothing else, slow the opposition down. And yes Michigan should be able to buckle up the chinstraps, put the hands on the ground, and move the line of scrimmage enough to gain one yard in four shots. But at some point digression needs to be the better part of valor.

7) Will the safeties please keep everything in front, UM cannot allow running backs and wide receivers behind the defense. Michigan cannot continue to give up big plays and win games against even average competition, let alone top teams.

8) Will some one, anyone, on the defense please tear the head off of the next quarterback who tries to scramble for a first down. I am so tired of opposing quarterbacks leaving the pocket, gaining yards, and nobody rearranging their brain cells. We are just too d*MN nice anymore.

9) Have a complete game without having the defense scramble around like chickens with their heads cut off. There is no excuse at this point for not knowing where to go, or what to do.

10) Have a game with no dropped passes. This is killing the offense, setting up 2nd and 3rd and long situations, situations the UM offense does not exceed at. Concentrate and catch the ball, this is not that hard.

11) Play a fundamentally sound game on both sides of the ball: crisp tackling, good angles, and maintain proper leverage on defense. Eliminate holding calls, no illegal formations, and make the proper reads on offense.

12) Win. Lets get to the six-win mark and become bowl eligible. We need those fifteen extra practices to help develop the young talent. Bowl practices are also great a recruiting tool. Ohio State did a bang up job using bowl prep last season to both finish 2009 and begin 2010. Michigan needs to do the same.

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