Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Links of Interest for Michigan -- News


Keenan Allen: Bama commit
Owamagbe Odighizuwa: down to 7 (UM not 1)
O.J. Ross: Boiler commit
Khalek Shepherd: UVA commit
Bobby Swigert: BC Bound
Munchie Legaux: Colorado Commit
Tobi Okuyemi: Husker commit --- and


AD law suit thrown out
RR grateful for AD’s support
Scout team standouts
Bowl tied to Tate
Blame goes everywhere
Osu would equal redemption
RR presser
Brandon banged up
Another first in 43 years
Power ranking
Drama packed
Betting against OSU not to beat UM is hard to find takers
UM D a full-blown disaster
Rise again?
Collapse once again
B10 bowl projections
Will RR survive
Two more
Graham on believing
Disaster sequences
RR supporters starting to turn
Shocks continue
Tate’s performance
Brady/Henne Battle
Keep an eye on
UM was wrong not to hire Kelly
Still confident
UM blows lead
Boiler coach comments
Brandon talks set-backs
Get the door it’s dominoes
Not picked to bowl
Lessons from week 10
B10 title race
UM B10 nancy in power ranking
Look to stay home this winter
AD issue
Week 11 pick-em
UW remembers last years collapse
Clay expected to play
OSU noon start
Wisky gets ready for UM
UM undaunted
Bowl still a goal
Preview capsules
RR wrong fit
AD supports RR
The book on UM
Look who might not be bowling
UW hasn’t forgot last years loss
Youth drives UW
Ever threatening
Roundtree lets play do his talking
AD backs RR
HS playoff maps
Tate says back to basics
Week 10 thumbs
2011 DB Alonzo Lewis getting UM Mail
Conference call shows UM dead last
Badgers hanging on
High paid staffs worth
Game preview
Wisky ready for UM
Hope won’t elaborate
Cellar sharer
Getting in touch

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