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Michigan Football Tidbits: Red-shirt development -- Offense

Michigan Football Tidbits: Red-shirt development -- Offense

We have gotten several e-mails in regards to red-shirts that we do not have the opportunity to see during football Saturday's and during the week during the regular season.

Red-shirt development – The Offense Side of the Ball

Keep in mind that once the actual games start, it is very hard for any red-shirt to really show progress within the UM or likely other systems. This information and opinion is based on comments from people we talk to (with a high history of accuracy) along with what we have personally seen with player development.

So, why is red-shirt progress hindered? Take the following into consideration: most of a red-shirt’s time is spent; watching team-oriented film where they (redshirts) did not participate; learning the opposition’s system to run on the scout team, and doing extra work in the weight room.

Offensive Line: Comments-
Lewan and Schofield have both shown some very good athleticism and have gained in strength, but each needs to add about twenty pounds to be ready for next year.

Lewan seems to be the closer of the two regarding competing for playing time next year, but Schofield is not that far behind.

Q. Washington’s body type is such that it is more difficult to lose weight, but he has shown some signs of having a good work ethic. And although the position Washington will be competing for has more depth, he will get a good look in spring practices.

Overall: This looks to be a good group of offensive linemen, all of whom could eventually contribute.

Split End:
Cameron Gordon is a split end who is red-shirting and is the type of player who some are going to argue as to which position he is best suited.

Some think he would be a better prospect at linebacker, but so far he remains at split end and has shown some decent skills.

There is no doubt about his athleticism, when considering both size and strength, but the question is his speed.

His strengths appear to be his ability to go over the middle and he does not back away from physical play, especially blocking. Cameron reminds us a little of Savoy, a receiver who is a little bigger and faster. This spring will determine where he plays, but as of now our money is on split end.

Slot Receiver:
Jeremy Gallon came to Michigan late because of clearinghouse issues in which that put him way behind learning the offense along with being ready to play.

We think the coaches thought they could get by with Odoms, Grady, Roundtree along with using a tight end in the other slot position. They even used Stokes at slot as well.

Next spring we expect him to be competing for serious playing time along with seeing duties on special teams.

He is going to be a good one and should help this offense in a big way next year.

Having him red-shirt also allowed him to get settled and should be a help him along with getting that extra year.

Running Back:
There is insufficient information as to the progress of Fitzgerald Toussaint due to his injury issues.

He has had a red jersey on most of the year for practices, which means no contact and he is only able to go through some of the drills, but not all of them because of his injury.

But, he has done everything asked of him.

Coach Barwis spends some extra time working on the drills Fitzgerald can do in strength and conditioning.

Fitz is expected to be healthy and ready to compete in spring practice. He will be one to keep an eye on and will start down on the depth chart, but he has the speed coaches are looking for.

Come back soon for some comments on the defense later.

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