Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Mailbag question: About M. Shaw

Mailbag question: About M. Shaw


Do you know why Michael Shaw is not playing? Against Penn State, he made some nice plays when he was allowed on the field. He made that great sideline catch and a few nice runs, but at Illinois, without Minor for most of the game, the coaches used C. Brown and also V. Smith?

Is this a sign that M. Shaw might be looking to go elsewhere? I just do not get why he is not playing. He seems to be the best running back coming out of the backfield to catch the ball and seems to be a good runner.

Your thoughts,

Tim B.


Thanks for the question.

We were surprised also; we like M. Shaw a lot and think his potential is outstanding. We was told he was held out because of an injury.

He has shown a nice combination of size, power, and explosive burst that we like out of running backs.

In our opinion, he is second the hardest runner on the team behind Minor.

He has had some injury problems that have held him back in the past. That is a possibility, but we would have loved to see M. Shaw get a shot from the goal line.

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