Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Mailbag question: What is wrong with this defense?

Mailbag question: What is wrong with this defense?


What is wrong with this defense? It seems like we are giving up more and more big plays as the season goes on, what is that from?

On offense it seems like we cannot make plays at all.

Dan B.


Thanks for the question.

As we have stated before we are not big fans of the hybrid defense as the base scheme.

In our opinion, it causes mismatch problems in the running game, and is not as flexible as we prefer in third and long situations.

We prefer being able to bring a third corner into the game rather than playing a hybrid like S. Brown as the nickel.

We think the major problem with big giving up big plays is poor safety play. This has haunted Michigan for several years.

Once Woolfolk was moved to cornerback, Michigan has been basically playing with two strong safeties, neither of whom is known for speed and athletic ability.

If you re-watch the films of the past few games (if you can stomach it), you will see both safeties out of position, taking poor angles, or just missing tackles in space.

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