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Mailbag question: About Roundtree

Mailbag question: About Roundtree


I always thought Roundtree was getting an unfair shake at the slot receiver after reading your thoughts from the spring practices.

Do you think others were ahead of him because of his lack of speed since he was caught from behind?

Apparently Odoms had to be injured and Grady had to have many drop balls before Roundtree got a chance. It also seems like we do not rotate in many guys anymore and just keep the same guys out there.

Sam W.


Thanks for the question,

We have been equally surprised with Roundtree's lack of playing time.

From our time at practices, he showed the best hands on the team.

He is bit of a tweener, not big and physical enough to play split end, and not quite as explosive or dynamic as Coach Rod and the staff prefer at the slot receiver.

As for being caught from behind, any time a split end gets the ball down to the one-yard line, we think he has done an excellent job.

Yes it would have been nice for him to have more speed and score, but in this offense if UM cannot score from the one-yard line in four times than we do not deserve to win the game or even be in the game.

The problem with players with more speed on this team is they cannot hold onto the ball. The first rule of thumb is catching the ball first.

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