Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mailbag question: Do you think Coach Robinson will be back?

Mailbag question: Do you think Coach Robinson will be back?


Do you think Coach Robinson will be back?

Coach Robinson may soon be thrown under the bus. When Coach Rod says stuff like "I am not sure what they are doing over there", but they are working out.

I guess Coach Shafer was not the only problem on the staff.

Maybe recruiting defensive players, more and better, would help?

Getting talent on both sides of the ball is the only way for Michigan to become good again. You know, the "Leaders and Best" type of deal.

Dan B.


Thanks for the question.

We expect some changes to the defensive staff.

At this time we, and others, are not sure what they will be.

The defense has regressed lately and that concerns us.

We would think that Coach Robinson would be retained, because going after a fourth defensive coordinator in four years would be disastrous for a program that counts on recruiting as the lifeblood of college football.

Does he want to come back? That might be the biggest question.

While we agree that the overall talent on defense is an issue. Talent has nothing to do with the horrid fundamentals we are seeing.

Lack of talent is not the cause of the poor positional play: talent is not an excuse for missed assignments, not an excuse for over pursuing or taking terrible angles, and certainly not an excuse for wide receivers getting easily behind our defensive backs.

Until Michigan fixes the things they can control through solid fundamentals, the struggles on defense will continue.

We have been beating the drum on the defense, along with defensive recruiting, since the very first spring practice we attended under Coach Rod as a Michigan coach.

Scoring 30 and giving up more than 30 will not make for any type of success, now or in the future.

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Anonymous said...

maybe i'm missing something but! the coaches can't stop a player from over persuing(no matter the coaching) or taking terrible angles,or even other things. you can only coach those that are willing and smart enough to listen and understand what and why you are telling them the things that you are trying to teach.

coachbt said...

By the standards you set why would teams practice at all. If you cannot coach up/improve technique and fundamentals why do we bother teaching them?

Anonymous said...

true! to a point i guess. if it was all about coaching, what would be the big deal about what kind of recruits we got? some kids you can coach up, other kids are just gonna have a harder time. can you really coach up/improve technique and fundamentals on kids who really are overwhelmed either with the position they are playing or just the fact that they are playing now at all. i say let's give GR at least 1 more year and then lets talk about coaching.

coachbt said...

There are definitely things that are beyond a coaches control. You cannot play the game for them. But when players regress, when team psyche drops, and a team that showed a nasty edge/chip o their shoulder early becomes a shell of itself. The coaches have to take some of the blame. that is big part of the job.

Anonymous said...

ok i'll agree with you! since i'm not a coach, how much of the regression is the coaches and how much is the fact that mich. decided to play 12 straight wks and we have a very young team with little time for "coaching" instead of game prep? can you still coach during the week or is it all game prep?

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