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Mailbag question: Denard Robinson

Mailbag question: Denard Robinson


Denard Robinson?

Where has he been and why do we not see him as much lately, especially early on in the game?

Is Coach Rod too stubborn to put one of his best athletes on the field?

All we heard about is that Coach Rod wants more speed and have the team play quicker. Well you have one of the fastest kids on your team holding a clipboard 99% of the time on the sidelines.

I think Denard is one of the best athletes and weapons on the team right now so why not play him, or is Coach Rod too stubborn because he said that Robinson was a quarterback.

Why not play him in the slot, split end, or as a running back? Use him as a quarterback by setting him up in the wildcat formation, anything to get him on the field and make the defense at least think about him and his speed.



Thanks for the question.

One thing we would love to see Denard Robinson get is more responsibility, either at quarterback, as a receiver, in either the slot or split end, as part of the running game, or in the return game.

On the other hand, we can also understand that right now he is Michigan 's back-up quarterback, if he stops getting reps at quarterback and Tate Forcier goes down, Michigan has little chance of winning games.

It is tough to put Denard in there because if he goes down then you are stuck with two guys (Sheridan and Cone) that have limited time this year who are already behind Tate Forcier.

It does seem like a waste to have that much talent and speed sitting on the bench "holding a clipboard," especially when you see us struggling moving the ball and have the ability to make explosive plays on offense.

If Devin Gardner comes in early, and it becomes apparent that Denard Robinson will be the third quarterback, we would expect him to change positions.

We do not expect any decision or change to happen until late in the spring, and only after it is clear that Gardner can be the back up at quarterback and compete with Tate, or flat out compete with Tate for the starting position.

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dangoblue2 said...

Why don't we use Denard in our secondary. That is where the most help is needed, especially speed.

ErocWolverine said...


That could be another possibilty, but probably not till next year.

He is the back-up and they do not want him to get hurt and will be tough to change a position this late in the year and be able to help the team.

We just want to see him on the field. Would like to see him at those positions we listed above, but if he could help on the defensive side of the ball -- gladly especially the talent we have there.

Michigan0782 said...


I agree we need to keep Denard healthy because he is number 2. However, he should be getting utilized at least 5-10 snaps a game. Last game he got 1 snap and im not even sure if he got in at all but once or twice the couple games before that....
HE is arguably the fastest player in the big ten and should see the field. I hope they get creative with him either this week or next week and come the off season really focus on utilizing his strenghts to compliment the offense!

ErocWolverine said...


No doubt. I had those same thoughts before the season that Denard would see 5-10 snaps a game, but I also thought by this time they would have tried to just "get him on the field" and get him the ball since he is probably the best athlete on the team.

Michigan0782 said...

Callme crazy but im holding out hope we see him A LOT for the OSU game..if he gets 5-10 snaps vs Wisky i think we see alot of Denard for the OSU game....
just a hunch

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