Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mailbag question: Kelvin Grady?

Mailbag question: Kelvin Grady?


Is Kelvin Grady hurt or did he fall off the roster somehow because of a couple of drops?

I have noticed no real type of rotation with certain positions, including the slots.

The slot position has a lot of bodies on the roster, but they never seem to rotate. Seems like we use one until he messes up badly and he sits the bench and never we hear from the guy again.

Do you guys see this as well?

Tom R.


Thanks for the question.

Yes we have noticed the lack of playing time for many players.

Kelvin Grady, Kevin Koger, and Martell Webb have all had their playing time reduced.

Part of it, in our opinion, is do to fact that Roy Roundtree has picked things up and has just beat out some other players. Or perhaps some of the others have stumbled and he has been given a shot and is producing.

Roundtree is playing like we saw him this spring. Please go back to the spring practice reports and see what we were talking about. We thought he was the best slot receiver on the team as for catching the ball and making the tough catch, especially on the in move.

And we agree with you on the rotation, or lack of, and would take it step further; Michigan has drastically shortened the bench and is not using many players, period.

Kelvin Grady might be a player along with some other that will see less playing time from here on out, because we have several players coming in next season along with slot receivers that will be ready to play such as Gallon.

This (the above thoughts) showed big time on the defensive side Saturday.

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