Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mailbag question: What did you guys think of JB Fitzgerald

Mailbag question: What did you guys think of JB Fitzgerald


What did you guys think of JB Fitzgerald against Purdue?

I thought he did well for somebody who has not played much.

Why has it taken this long to get him on the field?

Is it time to move Obi somewhere else or wait until after the season?

Should Mouton move to another position?



Thanks for the question.

We thought JB Fitzgerald played a solid game, not spectacular, but a definite improvement over past games and practices.

For a player that has seen limited time in game situations, we agree with you, we thought he played well. Yes, he made a bad tackle that was costly, but when playing guys with limited playing time mistakes will happen, but the bigger problem we have is when we see the same mistakes made over and over again by veterans on the team who should know better by now.

Our understanding is the Michigan staff wanted to play with more experienced guys early and it was our judgment that Fitzgerald had some problems picking up the schemes this spring.

We would wait until the spring practices to make any position changes at this time.

Would we like to see Obi play a different position next year? YES!

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