Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mailbag question: Why if our safety play is so bad why do we not try somebody else?

Mailbag question: Why if our safety play is so bad why do we not try somebody else?


Safety play?

I have a suggestion, but I am not a coach so bare with me.

Why, if our safety play is so bad, do we not try somebody else?

JT Floyd has not been seen for many games, ever since he had a bad game at cornerback.

If he fell into an abyss then I can understand not seeing him play, but our safety play is so bad you would think trying him there might help and actually get a little more speed on the field? Isn't that one of the problems with the safeties, not enough speed and they cannot cover in passing situations.

Eric T.


Thanks for the question.

Coach Dews gave us a quote at the clinic this season, he said, "We are just dumb enough to want to win".

For better or worse the staff believes the athletes they are using give Michigan the best shot at winning.

Why others are not getting an opportunity has also, like you, peaked our interest. We are getting a number of answers about safety candidates; include having problems picking up the system, off field difficulties, and injuries.

With two games left, and Michigan needing a sixth win in the worse way, we hope that Michigan does give some of the younger guys a shot, maybe they will be hungry enough to just play all out and put that chip back on their shoulder.

To us it seems like this team has lost its edge. That chip on the shoulders type of attitude that they first had at the beginning of the football season is gone and no one is sure we will see it again this year.

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