Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Mailbag question: Where is any imagination at in this offense?

Mailbag question: Where is any imagination at in this offense?


Where is there any imagination at in this offense?

It seems like the same plays over and over and also the play calling almost seems as predictable as we all thought of the previous regime, especially with the Hart to the left over Jake Long off tackle play.

That outside run play they have (not sure what it is called) seems like we always run it and either we get several yards or lose a lot of yards.

Tom K.


Thanks for the question.

We tried to warn everyone from the very beginning about this offense. People wanted to label us a certain way, but in fact we had concerns, including what you stated above, about this offense and what is needed to make this version of the spread offense effective.

We, like many, kept hearing about how imaginative and creative this offense can be.

This spread has never been what can be called imaginative or creative, it always has been a very basic, limited offense and that is coming from the coaches directly. We heard the offensive coaches talk at the two Michigan coaches’ clinics, along with other clinics, where they explained the basic underlying tenets ands execution of their offense.

In fact, the offensive coaches will directly state that a limited playbook is necessary and is a major strength of the offense. It is the limited playbook that allows for the necessary superior execution and for the offense to play fast.

Our opinion has not changed, when the offense works it is a thing of beauty and will drive defensive coordinators nuts. When it does not work as drawn up, things get very ugly and stay ugly for extended time periods, because there is little room for adjustment. In short there is no Plan B.

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