Sunday, December 20, 2009

Donovan Warren leaving for the NFL.

Posted at 3:00pm -- 12/20/2009

Ready or not he is going.

We at GoBlueMichiganWolverine got word earlier today that Donovan Warren is going into the NFL draft.

When we talked with him at the spring scrimmage (practice) we had a sense that this would be his last year. We have discussed several times on how he did not want to come back and that he feels ready. Whether fans think he is ready or not he is ready to leave Ann Arbor.

Nobody should say he is making a mistake or that he should not go. In this economic climate there is no such thing as a sure thing or money being in the future. He needs to do what is best for himself, his family and friends.

Fans have no idea the pressure that college athletes are put through and no matter if he gets drafted in the third round or the fifth round it makes no difference for Donovan Warren. He just wants to get on with his life.

We at GBMW wish him well and the best of luck.

Written by GBMW Staff

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YearOfTheWolverine said...

OR is he leaving because he doesn't like playing for RichRod?

GregGoBlue said...

Oh boy, and you thought THIS year was rough for our defensive backfield...

Markus said...

Never like to see a junior like Warren leave early for the NFL unless it's a no brainer. After the Sam Bradford debacle, college juniors may never look at their fate the same. Good luck to Donovan.

As for Michigan, I hope this is the last of the attrition, but it probably won't be.

At least the UM coaching staff can now start preparations for a secondary without Warren, which will be a major challenge.

Don't look now, but Rodriguez is about to sign a class with 3 cornerbacks and four to five safeties in February 2010. When was the last time something so ridiculous happened at Michigan? Well, at least we all know why it's happening.

NFL draft said...

well by the sound of it football is gonna turn into baseball! and if it does people will stop watching do to the unfair balance of the game. who really wants to really watch another season of Yankees of football. football is king cause its even across the board! every team has a chance any year. i'm not just saying this cause i'm a vikings fan. we have a great
owner and he is willing to put up some money. we will get our stadium deal. and when that happens i still think its a bad idea for the league. NFL Draft

NFL draft said...

I'm mixed though in the end IF he can get a big paycheck for one year he should do it. The problem is I think there is little chance he will get that 'IF.'

He is way to injury prone. Has numerous solid games but when has he ever taken over a game? He does not have NFL speed and the bruising style of run isn't going to be as shocking to NFL linemen and linebackers who can run him down every play, they have that speed.

Bottom line, Harvey Unga is a tremendous college football player. He is like Bosco, McCoy, etc. Great college legacy and didn't go anywhere in the NFL. There is no shame in that. Some running back from Po-dunk State College will get drafted and spend the next 10 years doing it in the NFL, just how it works.NFL Draft

NFL draft said...

The NFL Draft

is creating a partnership with researchers at Boston University who are studying the long-term effects of brain injuries on players, the Associated Press reported.
“It’s huge that the NFL Draft
actively gets behind this research,” Robert Cantu, the co-director of the school’s research program, told the AP. “It forwards the research. It allows players to realize the NFL Draft is concerned about the possibility that they could have this problem and that the NFL Draft is doing everything it can to find out about the risks and the preventive strategies that can be implemented.”

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