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Mailbag question: Inside Linebacker position

Posted at 8:00am -- 12/21/2009

Mailbag question: Inside Linebacker position


Michigan doesn't have a middle linebacker of note committed this year. Does that mean that someone excites the staff like I. Bell or B. Hawthorne? Could it possibly mean that they are confident about a major middle linebacker in 2011?



Thanks for the question.

Regarding current players fitting into the middle linebacker picture, Bell maybe, but Hawthorne did not have the size to play inside linebacker this past spring.

From our time at practices, and from games this season, it looks like the staff is happy with the development of Kenny Demens and J.B. Fitzgerald.

Actually we would liked to have seen both Demens and Fitzgerald see the field a lot more than they did this past year to get game experience, along with seeing what they can do in front of a crowd on game day, because a lot of kids will play differently than during practices.

To be honest, we were very surprised the coaching staff did not sign a stud inside linebacker ourselves, but maybe they did not hold in high regard the ones that were interested in Michigan.

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