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2011 Michigan Football Recruiting: Dee Hart

Posted at 8:00am -- 6/22/2010

2011 Michigan Football Recruiting: Today’s Spotlight on Dee Hart

Dee Harts improvement from the sophomore film to junior film is striking. One reason, among many, for this improvement is simple physical maturation. Hart is noticeably thicker in the thighs and has not lost any of his quickness or acceleration. He has excellent hands catching the ball out of backfield and maintains good body lean and pad level.

What impressed GBMW the most were Dee’s super hips, he cuts on a dime with no loss of speed. More than the recent running back recruits, Dee is a great fit for the Michigan zone schemes.

Why is Dee Hart important to Michigan recruiting? The Rich Rodriguez (Michigan) version of the spread offense depends heavily on two positions, quarterback and tailback. For this offense to be clicking points off at a high pace, both the quarterback and running back must be of the highest caliber, at least near All-America talent level. Two guys who can take it all the way on any given play, in any given yardage situation, is what makes the offense click. With moderate talent at quarterback and running back, ball control goes out the window and only moderate or even flat mediocre results will result.

Michigan has improved at the quarterback position and the next two years could bring a performance level nearing Pat White (time will tell). But the running back position is not of the same ilk. Vinnie Smith is a nice control runner that can frequently get 2-5 yards (maybe UM could actually benefit more from control than the quick strike). But Vinnie is not going to break Slaton type runs. None of the other running backs have proved much, period. Give some credit however, the entire stable was working very hard this spring.

Dee Hart can take it to the house better than anyone on the current roster. He has a lot of talent and like Vinnie Smith and Jeremy Gallon is a very good athlete who can play football.

Dee Hart would give this offense a chance of being a true two-headed monster. One head may not be enough to get the team to the next level.

Written by GBMW Staff

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Anonymous said...

It's always interesting to read your coach's perspective on players. For your new format, a little more info would be great: Where is he from? How tall is he? What year is he? Has UM offered him? Has he expressed any interest?


Anonymous said...

Just based upon that analysis it sounds like Denard Robinson is the QB that you feel will be the first head to this monster.

GBMW Blog said...

In our opinion, DRob is the leader in the clubhouse. If the season started tomorrow he would be 1st on the depth chart. But as we have stated numerous times, the starting QB will not be decided until summer pratices.

If Dee Hart or any other recruit commits, we will do a more indpeth break down.

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